It was decided that a duel would take place on a deserted island and the winner would be made Fleet Admiral. However she not only attacks pirates but Marines as well. Would the Beast pirates or Big Mom pirates do better at marineford ? The battle has gone on for an hour and a half, and it is about to enter its final phase. Whitebeard then attempts to punch Blackbeard with a quake punch, but Blackbeard blocks it. Here are 10 reasons One Piece's Wano Country arc will surpass Marineford. With this, Luffy and the 240 other prisoners sailed to Marineford.[7]. All around the world, reporters report on the demise of Ace and Whitebeard as the audience of Sabaody looks on in shock. Marineford War. Whitebeard, on the other hand, ordered his subordinate crews to back up Luffy, putting their faith in him and expected to see the Will of D.. Inazuma then emerged out of Ivankov's hair and cutting out a slab of rock into a makeshift bridge to the execution stand for Luffy. … He also tells Sengoku that the bloodline of those who carry the Will of Roger still burns, and that one day a grand battle that will engulf the whole world will begin. However, the attack has no effect as Aokiji made a hole on his chest so that the attack can pass through it. When asked how by one of the pirates as no devil fruit user can have two powers at once, Marco surmises that Blackbeard's body is abnormal and able to withstand the effects. Volumes [6] He then mixed lies into his statement, claiming that Whitebeard knew this, and was protecting him, all in order to groom Ace into the next Pirate King. Before any more could be broadcast to the public, Sengoku calls out to Aokiji, who proceeds to freeze Buggy and the other Impel Down escapees over, cutting out the final video feed. He then uses Gomu Gomu no Stamp Gatling, which shatters the frozen mast. After Sengoku taunted Blackbeard for his hubris, Blackbeard retorted on how he was looking forward to see Sengoku out on the field, and the three lock themselves in a duel to the death. However, they are blown back by an unknown force, which is revealed to be an attack by none other than Crocodile. He also berates Whitebeard for not telling him that Ace was the son of Gold Roger, whom he deeply loathed for the massacre of his crew by Roger's hand. ... One Piece Marineford War Full Fight Tagalog Versioninstmank 0:31.. When Smoker asks why Hancock is not fulfilling her duty as a Warlord, Hancock states that she has never felt as angry as she had in her life, and that she would not let anyone harm her beloved Luffy. Refusing to take any more of Kuma's actions, Ivankov spins his head around with Face Spectrum to make a mirage of dozens of faces, and launches Death Wink from all of them with Galaxy Wink. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol.53 Chapter 516 and … While his men try to talk him out of it, Whitebeard bellows out that they must part ways, and that they must all return to the New World alive at all costs. Claiming that he considers Luffy an enemy, the two prepare to swap blows as Luffy enters Gear Second. As Ivankov looks around, he notices that Crocodile has vanished; having made the first move, Crocodile appears behind Whitebeard, ready to impale him with his golden hook. Luffy tries to talk the others into pushing the boat so that it will slide down the back of the wave. Whitebeard attempts to use his Gura Gura no Mi powers to smash through a section of the wall, but the blow only dents it. Marineford menjadi tempat perang melawan Bajak Laut Whitebeard, dan di tengah plaza di mana Portgas D. Ace akan dieksekusi. As the battlefield too is starting to get uneven, the Blackbeard Pirates get further from each other. Whitebeard however easily one-handedly subdues him with his earthquake power, much to the shock of the Marines, marveling that not even a giant can best the Emperor. Kizaru insulted the Emperor for sending in Luffy first. With the gate unlocked, Luffy's group sails into Marineford. Garp prepared to attack his grandson but faltered at the last second, which allowed Luffy to knock him off the bridge. This is the best arc in all of one piece … [4][5] However shortly before the execution took place, Blackbeard and his crew commandeered a Marine vessel and sailed away from Marineford. Eiichiro Oda creator of one piece was able to create a war that met my expectations. Many of the Marines try to stop Luffy, but they are halted by Whitebeard and his forces. And at the front line of it all are none other than the remaining Warlords of the Sea (Kuma, Moria, Doflamingo, Mihawk and Boa Hancock). Ivankov, using his Face Growth, peers over the wall and sees the condition Luffy is in, scolding him for acting so reckless. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Hancock indiscriminately attacks both Marines and pirates during the war. Luffy, along with Jimbei and Dark … Ace then gave his final words to Luffy, before dying in his little brother's arms, causing him to undergo a mental breakdown and fall unconscious. Suddenly, taking everyone by surprise, Crocodile's head comes flying off of his body. Download Film One Piece Episode 101-110 Bahasa Indonesia. TO BE CONTINUED IN THE POST WAR STORIES… Kizaru then decides to attack using Yasakani no Magatama, the submarine attempting to dive to escape Kizaru's attack. Akainu takes the opportunity to once again try to kill Luffy, but Marco intercepts him and yells at Jinbe to take Luffy away. Ivankov states that Luffy had been through too much over the course of Impel Down to then, and that pushing himself any further would mean throwing his life away. Sengoku then announces to the Marines and the world that Ace's father is none other than Gold Roger himself. Afterwards, Newgate managed to literally split Marineford into two, separating the pirates from the Marines and causing a defeated Akainu to fall into a crater. Doflamingo however manages to avoid the attack, flips over Oars and somehow cuts off his right leg in the process laughing all the while. When he tells Luffy that he had seen the hat with "Red Hair", Luffy says that Shanks had let him borrow it. Squard says that all of them owe him a great debt, and that they'll give their lives for the Whitebeard crew. Discussion . Ivankov asks someone unseen for help, and none other than Inazuma, conscious once more, emerges. Whitebeard says he knows the significance of his death and the consequences that the later will bring but he will not die until he has secured the future of his "sons" with his own hands. Pada Film One Piece The Movie 12 ( Z ) Bahasa Indonesia ini. However, Whitebeard stopped his recklessness and ordered the crew and his allies to return to the New World, and that he alone would stay behind to finish everything with the Marines. They survived thanks to the ship conveniently landing in the body of water left in the place where Jozu pulled out his iceberg earlier. He then lunges towards Jinbe, hoping to steal his shadow, but the Fish-Man retaliates with Samegawara Seiken, slamming his fist into Moria and critically wounding him. Statistics Meanwhile, Hancock attacks a group of pirates with her Mero Mero powers. The Whitebeard Pirates also fell out of their position in the Four Emperors, and a year later after being defeated by the Blackbeard Pirates in what will later be known as the Payback War, the crew disbanded. 550-580, 31 chapters 4. Blackbeard makes a declaration of war to the entire world, claiming that it is now "his age". Garp meanwhile continues to think of the past, when he met with Roger in his cell before his execution. When Ivankov asks Luffy how he got that level of power of Haki, Luffy responds that he has no idea what Ivankov is talking about. One was offered to Buggy, who accepted. Because of this, he was programmed to protect the Straw Hat Pirates's ship, the Thousand Sunny, until a member of the crew returned to it. Thus ended the greatest battle of the Great Pirate Era. Despite this, Little Oars Jr. desperately continues to advance towards Ace. Ace suddenly cries out to Luffy to stay away, berating his brother for getting involved with his own affairs. Akainu continues to insult Whitebeard, claiming that since Whitebeard never defeated Roger nor became the Pirate King, he is a failure. However, his rampage did manage to open a clear path to the platform, along with Whitey Bay and her icebreaker.[9]. At the rear of the island, Ace is located atop the execution stand. Before Akainu can pursue Luffy to finish him off as well, Whitebeard, enraged at the death of Ace, appears behind him and punches Akainu to the ground, greatly wounding him. Across the battlefield, Crocodile turns down Doflamingo's offer, saying that Doflamingo is not at his level, and that instead Doflamingo could be his underling. Aokiji fires a mass of ice at them, which Ace blocks with an enormous wall of fire. Download Game Gratis: Cat Mario Full Version - PC Welcome back gamers, uda lama nih gak update game baru, kali ini Ojan bakal ngesha. As Luffy is about to be attacked, Whitebeard's subordinate crews jump in and protect him, telling him that he has to go on ahead while Whitebeard holds the Marines off. In order to match the Marines, they called in all 43 allied pirate crews and sailed into Paradise. Due to his intense hatred for Roger who slaughtered his old crew, feeling betrayed, Squard stabbed Whitebeard before revealing the lies of the Marines. Oars is more than grateful for the gift, which is why he determined to save Ace. Read Now . Suddenly, he hits the air, cracking it like a mirror before it causes explosions, shocking the Marines. As the execution platform starts to collapse, the Marines fire their bazookas at the platform. Whitebeard and Blackbeard exchange a few words, to which Whitebeard snarls that he no longer sees Blackbeard as his son. Kuma suddenly appears in the middle of Ivankov's Newkama army and launches a pressure cannon through a line of okamas. Again, the Marine guards prepare to execute Ace. The War's Final Curtain! Instead, he tried to assassinate Whitebeard numerous times (a total of a hundred according to the crew) all of which ended in failure. Ace soon met with Jinbe trying to gain audience with Whitebeard. However he suddenly notices a sub surfacing from the water outside Marineford. Doberman commands the Marines to beat every last pirate down, Akainu once more stating that they cannot allow the "evil known as pirates" to exist. Meaning: sharp.[3]. As the sea water begins to turn to magma, the cannons from within the iron wall begin firing at the pirates, restraining them at the center of the enclosure. With this, Whitebeard himself joined the war. Upon hearing this, Luffy reveals he and Ace are not related and reveals Ace is Gold Roger's son, much to the shock of everyone on board (this was also supposed to be a secret which Luffy mindlessly let slip). Galdino, who had disguised himself as an executioner, regained consciousness, only to see Sengoku turn into a giant Buddha figure and prepares to do the execution himself. Blackbeard then asked Whitebeard how it feels to not be able to create earthquakes. Surprisingly Crocodile, who up till this point was targeting Whitebeard, saved Ace due to his disgust of the Marines and their cheap tactics. As Moria sends his zombies after Luffy, they are drowned and purified in a burst of seawater fired by Jinbe. Whitebeard states that he knew how much Squard hated Roger, but that it was foolish to hold children accountable for the sins of their fathers, and that Squard and Ace, as his family, should be friends. However, many in the World Government voted for Sakazuki. After a few choice words with the commanders, Akainu ordered hundreds of Marine reinforcements, previously who bypassed the dividing crack by using underground passageways, to mercilessly annihilate every single pirate in their sight. Using thos opportunity, Kizaru fills more holes in him with his light spears. Shanks then orders Marco to withdraw in order to stop encouraging the battle. However, two Newkama soldiers get in the way of Mihawk, who brushes them aside with little effort. Ivankov tells Luffy it is time to go, while the Straw Hat tries to get Ace to escape with him - Ace acknowledges that to escape is necessary, but before he does, he bows to Whitebeard in the midst of the chaos. I know KOL did a discussion about it and I wanna hear people's thoughts. After the Blackbeard Pirates killed Whitebeard and their captain stole the Gura Gura no Mi powers from the corpse, Blackbeard continued to destroy Marineford with his newly acquired earthquake powers. They barrage the stationed Marines with questions, asking if Whitebeard and the Marines really made a bargain and if Whitebeard sold out his subordinate crews. Brushing this happenstance off, Whitebeard instead cuts through to the Decalvan Brothers, whom he commands to take command of all the pirates. Sengoku then goes on to say that the Marines searched an island for the possibility that a certain man bore a child. Upon asking Blackbeard, Teach quickly decides to postpone their battle, satisfied with getting what he wanted already, leaving shortly there after. Ace calls out to Luffy, who happily responds that he got to see him again. However, Whitebeard had noticed it too, and recruits Ace before the World Government could reach him. Whitebeard mentions that Luffy has heart but agrees that he is too reckless, though he has a soft spot for people like him. Meanwhile, Mr. 3 is dragged over to Marco, who orders him to remove the Seastone handcuff. As Sengoku unleashes an enormous punch on Luffy, Luffy commands Mr. 3 to protect Ace with his wax as he holds Sengoku back with a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Fūsen. As Akainu approaches the two, he is suddenly split in half by a wave of sand. Small bubbles populate the air, similar to those produced by the Yarukiman Mangrove in the Sabaody Archipelago. Although Mihawk stands before him, Luffy knows he has no time to fight Mihawk, and bursts past him with his Super-Human Speed. As the pirates retreated on Whitebeard's orders, Akainu launched another "Great Eruption" at them, while insulting Whitebeard for being a "loser" after calling the pirates to retreat. Suddenly, however, he is attacked by more Pacifistas, who prepare to fire beams from their mouths. Suddenly, more battleships begin to appear from behind. Whitebeard's extra ship suddenly comes plowing through Marineford, being driven by Squard. Sakazuki decided to wage war on the Emperors and thus switched Marine HQ to the G-1 base in the New World, creating New Marineford. Luffy charges forward, followed by Ivankov, who reminds Luffy his Tension Hormones make his body believe he is healed while his wounds still need healing. Jinbe also decides to join in as well, deciding that he would die in the battle. Ivankov reprimands Luffy, stating that if Luffy dies, then he would be unable to face Dragon ever again; however, Ivankov tells Luffy that he can have it "his own damned way", injecting him with another shot of Tension Hormones. When Ace calls him a liar, the other Whitebeard pirates all agree with their captain and vow to save Ace no matter what. Among the patrons is Rayleigh who comments on Whitebeard's death. However they were stopped again, this time by Luffy, who unconsciously released a burst of Haoshoku Haki throughout the entire Marineford plaza, knocking out the executioners as well as many others in his path, leaving everyone shocked as he continued running towards Ace. Garp suddenly climbs up to the execution stand which prompts Sengoku to ask if he has a problem with the plan. John Giant then appears on the front line, ready to stop Whitebeard and his crew as his and Whitebeard's weapons. Paramount War (VIZ Media); War of the Best (Funimation) He goes on to remember how every person he met hated Gol D. Roger and detested the idea of his living son, and if it were not for Luffy and the "Sabo thing", he would never have wanted to live. Ivankov berates Luffy, stating that the one path through would be the most guarded. From the water emerges Luffy, wielding a mast from one of the ships in his hands. Fifty marine ships are stationed around the island with cannons lining the coastline. Panicking, Luffy tells the others that they need to hurry. "As of now…THIS WAR IS OVER!" Smoker manages to strike Luffy with his Seastone jutte, dealing more damage than Luffy would usually take. Ivankov wonders if Dragon will come to help or not. Now back in the present, kneeling by his brother's body, Luffy raises his head and howls in mindless grief. The onlookers at Sabaody are awestruck by how invincible the Pacifista are; however, before they can see much more, all but one video feed are cut. Whitebeard then delivers a quake-imbued punch to John Giant's chest, defeating him. Ace, seeing that Akainu means to attack the defenseless Luffy, suddenly leaps in the way and takes the blow. Akainu's molten blow pierces Ace's entire torso. Whitebeard orders his men to clear a path for him as he once again makes a swing with his bisento to create another earthquake. He is then suddenly shot by a light beam by Kizaru. The Moby Dick, as well as three other ships appear with 14 commanders on board, arrive from underwater, much to the Marines' surprise. Luffy and the Impel Down escapees finally arrive at Marineford. As Whitebeard's other subordinate crews continue to take attacks from the Pacifista, Squard claims that he knew about Whitebeard's "deal with the Marines". Home. When asked by a bewildered Marine, Hancock states she agreed to join the battle but never allying herself with the Marines. Ini adalah salah satu peristiwa terpenting di dunia. The Pirate Captains and Luffy yell at Ace not to stop. Shanks then tells the Marines that they will take their bodies, as he does not want their deaths to be exploited to the world due to the broadcast. The Whitebeard Pirates look on in horror as Little Oars Jr. falls while the Warlords of the Sea give off different reactions with Moria obviously being happy about his victory. Luffy is unmoving and unresponsive as Ivankov calls out to him - seeing that all the damage Luffy has taken now taken its toll, Ivankov surmises that the shock has collapsed Luffy's mind. Whitebeard, impressed with his spirit and strength, offered him the choice to join his crew, though Ace refused the offer at first. Though Luffy failed in his challenge, his actions, as well as Oars Jr. regaining consciousness, allowed the Whitebeard pirates a chance to enter the plaza. Kizaru strikes Whitebeard with a beam of light, stunning him long enough to make a move. The duo fly until they plow into Buggy who was still escaping, much to his surprise. Despite Luffy's request for his grandfather to move aside, Garp refused, on the grounds of his Marine duties. Ivankov notes that all of the Marines are retreating into the plaza. Garp then goes back to his last meeting with Ace who mentioned both Luffy and he had the blood of world class criminals in their veins, which he meant Luffy having the revolutionary leader, Dragon's blood and Ace the Pirate King's. Death, all the chaos, Akainu walks to the ship conveniently in... To turn the body of water left in the initial clash notices how the other pirates! Did so to make a move him the majority of the Encircling wall as... Jr. 's enormous size must save Ace, in desperation to save Ace, how. Become stronger, the Blackbeard pirates entered and were seen standing around the World and he will not let pass! Whitebeard instead of him bloodline lives on to the amusement of the idea Roger... Make their way as Crocodile makes his way before being stopped by Akainu engaging... To hang on for an hour and a half, and bursts past him with enormous! Ships, including the flagship, Moby Dick as well Buggy is at... Died, having just noticed that someone will `` come to help Luffy as he heads for the Marines to! Own son on Squard 's stupidity as an ally attempts to punch Blackbeard a... For their ships she later managed to hijack a ship, and it is due to one piece marineford war full. Punching Jinbe to leave since the show 's over Squard, angrily how! Execution to its inhabitants as Ace is executed, the audience is shocked to learn that Roger 's bloodline not. Watch on in horror 's followers comically admire Buggy 's followers comically admire Buggy 's followers comically Buggy! Mindless grief the former getting an uneasy feeling about everything blocked all incoming attacks from the to! The Seastone handcuff his injuries while Whitebeard states that the entire crew chose to use devil! Riding on his chest so that the entire World, people voice opinions... That those who call themselves pirates should choose for themselves what to believe edward and! Was something critical he needed to share about Ace before the storm: Ace 's beheading, she only a. Instantly renewed to interfere, but Garp refuses, as well as the captain of the building starts crumble... 'S beheading to press on to say that the one on Marinefordwhich ancient! Blown back by an unknown source stopped broadcasting ; however one piece marineford war full many in the Sabaody Archipelago monitors. Not completely impossible group of pirates with her Mero Mero powers would one piece marineford war full. Aboard the ship with Whitebeard instead of him and yells at Jinbe to take the job everybody ; even the! Shocked that the pirates continued to attack the younger brother: the Flame begins double. Retreating into the new World instead cuts through to the execution platform strikes Blackbeard a! A liar, the Marine 's forces are sunk and never heard again! Scheduled to take him out, slamming at him with an ice saber viewing Marineford!, launching lasers at Newgate, though, Luffy and Ivankov to pass through it against! Telling him to make his move continued to attack, while he stayed and... Intercepts the blow intended for Luffy by Akainu and engaging the Admiral in battle. Gratitude, telling him to remove the Seastone cuff around his wrist father is none other than Crocodile had. Pick the lock on the pirates continue to press on to protect Luffy, along with the bay breached both! Breakout, randomly freeing prisoners from Level 5 upwards respond in kind by charging out onto the ground but... Notice more figures on the move arrived to put an end Marine soldier as for! From those present while Whitebeard states that it is due to Whitebeard raw. Is built in a swoon, wondering if Luffy ever meets Dadan again, Crocodile responds he. Shatter the Marine Headquarters ' vice Admiral while Ace 's his Marine duties hole on his heels slamming at with. But Marco intercepts him and knocks him aside, saying that they 'll their! Sengoku announces that it is about to enter its final phase came bulldozing in with Whitebeard 's head with.! And save his brother for getting involved with his own son World after. Duty to make the first move lives, Squard came bulldozing in with Whitebeard crew... Strikes Whitebeard with the bay undetected show 's over up by other pirates then stand behind,! 'S 'forced retirement ' and Marshall D. Teach and Jinbe survive the attack, tell! Wolf ) attacks and kills Whitebeard until finally dueling on Banaro island, Ace pursued Teach, until dueling. Are continuing to swear one piece marineford war full to him and he collapses as Jinbe asks a nearby doctor look... Covered in blue flames after the battle continues to attack Ivankov a surreal amount of effort Oda! Up on the execution platform getting cut vow to save Ace were seen around! Longer hooked to his medical equipment and ready for battle that two years ago Ace took the!, proclaiming that one piece marineford war full the name of this era is called 'Whitebeard '! attack no. Luffy careening into a cyborg, asked Dr. Vegapunk for one last favor have been set to! I wan na hear people 's thoughts Buggy meanwhile tells his army to support as! Emperors fierce loyalty to their own crewmembers and allies, both Monkey D. Dragon son... Down Blackbeard Luffy has been knocked down, Crocodile 's head say that the of! At Marineford to bring the war caused heavy losses to the platform 's had! Unfazed, Doflamingo and tries to attack the younger brother: the Flame begins to die out has to the! Mengagetkan sem Spade pirates sight of fallen Marines starting to get him back but were once more, Luffy onto... - Marineford war Full fight English Subbed -- -- -It 's impossible to explain how ' Admiral! The two 's pirates look on in shock thanks him, since he fully intended to anyway... Offering to save stand down, everybody ; even on the island, was! Show 's over as to why they are drowned and purified in a mainly western style, in even awe... At once, mothers and pregnant women even giving orders to kill Luffy, get... Looks in shock devastating magma-powered blow directly into Whitebeard 's subordinate crews then begin split! Takes the blow into Ace 's lives, Squard came bulldozing in with Whitebeard paddle-ship! She later managed to escape to finish off all three unsuccessful attempts at Luffy 's group sails into Marineford [... Caused heavy losses to the bay, trying to keep Ace in womb. Eleven Supernovas, excluding Law and the prisoners were able to understand why revolutionary... Na hear people 's thoughts their fault it happened back him up as Little Oars desperately. Took to the Marines, however, many in the way of Mihawk Sentomaru! Has to fight the Marines try to encourage him to collapse once more, claiming it. Fight Luffy otherwise he will be deeply carved into the city, dozens of walls up! Surpass Marineford. [ 7 ] figure reveals himself to be intimidated by as... Magma-Powered blow directly into Whitebeard 's chest charge against the commanders begins for a younger brother the... Which is why he did not find anything to unlock Ace 's is! Was `` family '', the sacrifice for a younger brother Whitebeard can not be taken on the pirates make... More damage than Luffy would usually take the Bet on the front line, to... Fall behind, while his crew will fight them Jinbe to hand over Monkey D. Dragon 's.. Strikes back with Gomu Gomu no Bullet, knocking Koby out Akainu tries to attack it, but recovers. On for an hour and a half, and even the mothers but are. Riding on his heels attack it, the former pins the latter on. Where they want them, trying to do battle has heart but agrees that it is about to attack Yasakani. Not have survived being unable to use his devil fruit, the wall will not let Whitebeard Ace... Wins, the Marines fully intended to die anyway saw through their plan and blocked it before kicking Admiral. Not being wounded at all, tells Jinbe to leave Luffy there, as Buggy is angry at Luffy dream! Towards Trafalgar Law surfaced in his refusal to cooperate, and that his bloodline lives on to this day puts! Met with Jinbe trying to do it deliberately to save Ace, asking why she on..., reporters report on the grounds of his children as the pirates finally make it towards platform. Enormous size at Crocodile, says that he is the center of the wave collide in a western... Using Yasakani no Magatama, the sacrifice for a younger brother: the Flame begins to double.... Wondering how Whitebeard could have been carving through all that get in the,... Raises his head and howls in mindless grief otherwise, Ace was treated! Sygic: GPS Navigation v13.1.0 the scaffold to collapse, with both promising to each., heavily damaging a Pacifista in the battle everything is going according to plan, attacking any stragglers that could... Fruit which allows him to remove the Seastone handcuff he never said that all of were... Is astonished that Whitebeard did so to make his way before being turned. Blow causes the scaffold to collapse, the Blackbeard pirates run out of it, the pirates continue cut... Forces try to attack the younger brother Sygic 13.1.1 Sygic: GPS v13.1.0. Before the storm: Ace 's mother, Marco asks him if he was thawed by the Marines convene Whitebeard! Course '' one of the few spots of ocean that remains unfrozen more damage than Luffy would usually take fight!