"THE BOOK OF REVELATION" Chapter Thirteen This chapter reveals two agents the dragon (Satan) would use in carrying out his war against the people of God. Compare Jeremiah 15:2 , which is alluded to here. In the eyes of the deceived world, it answers the miracle of the two witnesses, who minister during this period and are persecuted by the Antichrist and his false prophet (Revelation 11:5). Then I stood on the sand of the sea: In Revelation 12, John’s vision mainly had heaven in view. By proceeding, you consent to our cookie usage. Revelation 13:1-18 Chapter 13 begins with a very colorful, almost overpowering, vision showing an overview of the political system that Satan works through. Described by … But to make the name “Caesar Nero” fit, one must take a variant spelling of the Greek form of a Latin name, transliterated into Hebrew characters. In Deuteronomy 13:1-5, God assumes there will be supernatural works on behalf of false prophets and idols, and He warns His people to judge a worker of miracles by their message, not only by their works. ‘H Latinh basileia, The Latin Kingdom, has exclusively this number.” (Clarke). We must beware and be familiar with the genuine. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. a. These three forms of apostasy are reducible to two: the apostate Church and the apostate world, pseudo-Christianity and Antichristianity, the harlot and the beast; for the false prophet is also a beast; and the two beasts, as different manifestations of the same beast-like principle, stand in contradistinction to the harlot, and are finally judged together, whereas separate judgment falls on the harlot [AUBERLEN]. Click to enable/disable _gat_* - Google Analytics Cookie. FABER explains the healing of the deadly wound to be the revival of the Napoleonic dynasty after its overthrow at Waterloo. Chapter 13 continues the lengthy Introduction to the Bowls section that precedes the bowl events and spans chapters 12 through 15.. Welcome to revelationcommentary.org!We hope this dynamic commentary is a beneficial study tool in your devotion to the Word of God. 7. power--Greek, "authority." We are not surprised to find that this too is a Satanic parody of something God will do; it imitates God’s mark upon his people (Revelation 7:3-4). "The eyes of man" symbolize cunning and intellectual culture, the very characteristic of "the false prophet" ( Revelation 13:13-15 , Revelation 16:14 ). The dragon's persecution of the woman and her seed, Revelation 12:13-17 b. c. The number of his name: This was a common concept in the ancient world. The judgments on the world are complete in six; by the fulfilment of seven, the kingdoms of the world become Christ's. b. Imitations work precisely because they are similar; if they were so obviously different, it would be easy to tell the difference. Seven is the number of completion and totality, and 6 doesn’t quite make it. i. vi. Christ's three offices are thus perverted: the first beast is the false kingship; the harlot, the false priesthood; the second beast, the false prophet. i. The first is the beast from the sea . 1. to continue--Greek, "poiesai," "to act," or "work." c. Spoke like a dragon: Despite his lamb-like appearance, the message of the second beast is the same as the message of the first beast. ii. iii. As twelve is the number of the Church, so six, its half, symbolizes the world kingdom broken. "Whatsoever virtue was in the sacrifices, did operate through Messiah's death alone. Votaries of idols branded themselves with the idol's cipher or symbol. b. Not merely tricks, but miracles of a demoniacal kind, and by demon aid, like those of the Egyptian magicians, shall be wrought, most calculated to deceive; wrought "after the working (Greek, 'energy') of Satan. Here--"Herein": in bearing their appointed sufferings lies the patient endurance . Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. This view is favored also by the fact, that the beast is the vicarious representative of Satan, who similarly has seven heads and ten horns: a general description of his universal power in all ages and places of the world. i. They say they want the kingdom, but they don’t want God in it. He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. The dragon takes his stand on the sand of the sea (12:17), and a beast rises out of the sea. Because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the website, refuseing them will have impact how our site functions. lion--This beast unites in itself the God-opposed characteristics of the three … We may request cookies to be set on your device. The Psalmist mocked idol worshippers because the idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands. Then I saw another beast: This creature represents someone like the beast rising from the sea, because the same word beast is used to describe them both. That is why most biblical scholars say this man is probably a Jew. So in Revelation 17:8 . 70 Doctrine” Commentary on Revelation 13: The Heads of the Beast are the Dynastic Emperors of Rome. The dragon gives his external power to the first beast ( Revelation 13:2 ), his spirit to the second, so that it speaks as a dragon ( Revelation 13:11 ). Or, he may have two horns simply because that’s how many horns lambs have (two horns like a lamb). The technology to give people a mark that enables them to buy and sell in the electronic economy is available. c. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints: Though they are viciously attacked by the Antichrist and his followers, the saints of God must keep steadfast faith in the ultimate justice of God. 11. another beast--"the false prophet." It is the number of the world given over to judgment; hence there is a pause between the sixth and seventh seals, and the sixth and seventh trumpets. The Pope's interdict has often shut out the excommunicate from social and commercial intercourse. What men want most is not the elimination of religion, but their own religion. ii. the sea, to whom the dragon giveth his power, wherewith he blasphemeth God, and vexeth the saints. "The sacerdotal persecuting power, pagan and Christian; the pagan priesthood making an image of the emperors which they compelled Christians to worship, and working wonders by magic and omens; the Romish priesthood, the inheritors of pagan rites, images, and superstitions, lamb-like in Christian professions, dragon-like in word and act" [ALFORD, and so the Spanish Jesuit, LACUNZA, writing under the name BEN EZRA]. 9. Antichrist shall be the culmination. The mistake of those who interpret the beast to be Rome exclusively, and the ten horns to mean kingdoms which have taken the place of Rome in Europe already, is, the fourth kingdom in the image has TWO legs, representing the eastern as well as the western empire; the ten toes are not upon the one foot (the west), as these interpretations require, but on the two (east and west) together, so that any theory which makes the ten kingdoms belong to the west alone must err. Click on the different category headings to find out more. The *beast from the earth. Years ago there was a large, multi-denominational conference of people who thought this way, and their slogan – on a huge banner over the conference platform – read “Unity Under Signs and Wonders.” That’s a unity that Satan, the Antichrist, and the false prophet could all join in. Chapter 13: The Antichrist and the False Prophet "1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and … Jesus said that some who worked miracles – even in His name – were false followers and would perish in hell (Matthew 7:22-23). He that leadeth into captivity--A, B, C, and Vulgate read, "if any one (be) for captivity." And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his … lion--This beast unites in itself the God-opposed characteristics of the three preceding kingdoms, resembling respectively the leopard, bear, and lion. This is the very miracle which the two witnesses perform, and which Elijah long ago had performed; this the beast from the bottomless pit, or the false prophet, mimics. It is next neighbor to the sacred seven, but is severed from it by an impassable gulf. forty . Introduction. A and C omit "and": "them that dwell (literally, 'tabernacle') in heaven," mean not only angels and the departed souls of the righteous, but believers on earth who have their citizenship in heaven, and whose true life is hidden from the Antichristian persecutor in the secret of God's tabernacle. You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. 1 Kings 10:14 says that Solomon received yearly six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold. a. This is an informational chapter from the little book that tells us about the last Gentile world political and world religious power and the men that lead them just before the return of Jesus Christ. As I observed in my book, Revelation: Jesus Christ’s Final Message of Hope, the first beast of Revelation 13, rising out of the sea, is virtually unanimously acknowledged to be a symbol of the persecuting … He comes from the sea before the seven phials; "the great whore" comes after them. But A reads, "if any (is for) being (literally, 'to be') killed with the sword." . a. The two ruling beasts, Revelation 13:1-18 i. . shall go into captivity--Greek present, "goeth into captivity." 17. This marks the halfway point of the final seven years of man’s rule of this planet. 2. leopard . b. Christ's own words of monition calling solemn attention. In Daniel, the ten mean the last phase of the world power, the fourth kingdom divided into ten parts. Click to enable/disable _ga - Google Analytics Cookie. supporteth the worship of the former beast. v. Jesus said that in the end times, false prophets would emerge and show great signs and wonders to deceive (Matthew 24:24). Like the composite dragon, the composite … . Revelation 13:1 John has a different agenda, which controls his description. All Scripture quotations are from the 1901 American Standard Version unless otherwise noted. The last Antichrist may have a close connection with Rome, and so the name Lateinos (666) may apply to him. Napoleon, the successor of Charlemagne, designed after he had first lowered the Pope by removing him to Fontainebleau, then to "make an idol of him" [Memorial de Sainte Helene]; keeping the Pope near him, he would, through the Pope's influence, have directed the religious, as well as the political world. bear . We are presented with a false “Christ” and a false “John the Baptist” who promote the false god. Revelation 13:11-17 Another beast cometh up out of the earth, which. The Old-Testament Church stood under the power of the beast, the heathen world power: the Middle-Ages Church under that of the harlot: in modern times the false prophet predominates. Aleph, B, and C read simply, "he goeth away," and omit "into captivity." a. two. Revelation 13:6 Revelation 13:7 expand Revelation 13:5 . . This may be the most talked about chapter in the book of Revelation. Before beginning to go through the content of Revelation… a. Just click the link to the commentary of a chapter that you want to read: Chapter 1: Introduction to the Revelation … wondered after--followed with wondering gaze. IRENÆUS, in the second century, disciple of POLYCARP, John's disciple, explained this number as contained in the Greek letters of Lateinos (L being thirty; A, one; T, three hundred; E, five; I, ten; N, fifty; O, seventy; S, two hundred). The "mark" (Greek, "charagma") and "name" are one and the same. The beast, healed of its temporary and external wound, now returns, not only from the sea, but from the bottomless pit, whence it draws new Antichristian strength of hell ( Revelation 13:3 Revelation 13:11 Revelation 13:12 Revelation 13:14 , Revelation 11:7 , 17:8 ). But the schemes for unlocking the number of the beast are as confusing as they are endless. You can check these in your browser security settings. i. . Revelation 13… Antichrist, the summing up and concentration of all the world evil that preceded, is the eighth, but yet one of the seven ( Revelation 17:11 ). It is plain, saith one, Satan shall be tied up 1000 years; 666 is the number of the beast; Antichrist shall so long reign; these two together make the just number.” (Trapp), iii. i. count . The former paganism of the world power, seeming to be wounded to death by Christianity, revives. Revelation 13 - IVP New Testament Commentaries . They are different in rank, because the second is subordinate to the first (causes the earth… to worship the first beast, Revelation 13:12). 15. he had power--Greek, "it was given to him." There are many different ways it could happen, and such programs are proposed and tested constantly. In Daniel 7:4-7 there are four beasts: here the one beast expresses the sum-total of the God-opposed world power viewed in its universal development, not restricted to one manifestation alone, as Rome. The symbolism of the heads and horns is the same as with the dragon. The similar number of heads and horns reveals that the beast is from the dragon and like the dragon in wickedness. So the sign of the cross in Popery. the number of a man--that is, counted as men generally count. Who is like unto the beast?--The very language appropriated to God, Exodus 15:11 (whence, in the Hebrew, the Maccabees took their name; the opponents of the Old Testament Antichrist, Antiochus); Psalms 35:10 , 71:19 , 113:5 , Micah 7:18 ; blasphemously ( Revelation 13:1 Revelation 13:5 ) assigned to the beast. blasphemy--So B and ANDREAS. nation." It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten … Signs and wonders will be present among Christians, but the real marks of God’s work are love and truth. Since the ancient Greek word for mark (charagma) isn’t generally applied to people, some have taken this as a symbolic mark. . Resources. But by nature, men have an undeniable religious impulse, and they also have an undeniable rebellion against God. The number six is the world number; in 666 it occurs in units, tens, and hundreds. Rome's speaking images and winking pictures of the Virgin Mary and the saints are an earnest of the future demoniacal miracles of the false prophet in making the beast's or Antichrist's image to speak. 13:1 This beast is similar to the dragon from Revelation 12.They both have “seven heads and ten horns.” Revelation 17:10 shows us that the seven heads are seven consecutive world powers- earthly … The first beast is physical and political; the second a spiritual power, the power of knowledge, ideas (the favorite term in the French school of politics), and scientific cultivation. A general exhortation. b. The other way of connecting the words is, "Written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb slain." We can imagine the false prophet as saying, “Let the true God answer with fire” and then performing his deceptive wonder. It rises up out of the sea, as Daniel's four beasts, and has ten horns, as Daniel's fourth beast, and seven heads, as Daniel's four beasts had in all, namely, one on the first, one on the second, four on the third, and one on the fourth. There has always been a devilish supernaturalism in the world, running alongside of the supernaturalism of divine grace and salvation.” (Seiss). It culminates in Antichrist, the man of sin, the son of perdition (compare Revelation 17:11 ); 2 Thessalonians 2:3 ; compare 2 Timothy 3:1-4 , the very characteristics of old heathenism ( Romans 1:29-32 ) [AUBERLEN]. . The Antichrist’s power ends as soon as it peaks. In its second beast-form it is Christianized heathendom ministering to the former, and having earthly culture and learning to recommend it. v. This is not a recent understanding of this passage. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity: This means that the functionaries of the beast are not without guilt. iii. ii. For example, graffiti in the ruins of Pompeii reads “I love her whose number is 545.”. a. . tongue . JEROME, on Daniel 7, says, Antichrist shall be "one of the human race in whom the whole of Satan shall dwell bodily." Our website uses cookies to store user preferences. Its manifold character is marked by the Lord ( Matthew 24:11 Matthew 24:24 ), "Many false prophets shall rise," where He is speaking of the last days. i. Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. This first beast expresses the world power attacking the Church more from without; the second, which is a revival of, and minister to, the first, is the world power as the false prophet corrupting and destroying the Church from within. A, B, and Vulgate read, "names of blasphemy," namely, a name on each of the heads; blasphemously arrogating attributes belonging to God alone (compare Note, little horn in Daniel 7:8 Daniel 7:20 Daniel 7:21 , 2 Thessalonians 2:4 . . The beast rising out of the sea with seven heads, ten horns, and ten crowns, Revelation 13:1. for--The "for" implies the possibility of our calculating or counting the beast's number. The book of Revelation refers to many images (Revelation 13:14-15; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20; 20:4). Some Christians say or think, “You can really know where God is and where His power is by signs and wonders.” Thinking this way is to leave yourself wide open to deception. These entities … Without the mark, one will not be able to participate in the economy (no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark of his name). So JULIAN, the apostate, set up his own image with the idols of the heathen gods in the Forum, that the Christians in doing reverence to it, might seem to worship the idols. Blasphemous names were written on its heads. Man becomes "brutish" when he severs himself from God, the archetype and true ideal, in whose image he was first made, which ideal is realized by the man Christ Jesus. These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our website and to use some of its features. Modern interpretations of the idea of the Antichrist are full of the idea of some demon-child, marked by obvious evil from his birth, such as in the Omen movies. And--So A, B, and Vulgate read. Though these things are prophesied and part of God’s predetermined plan, it does not lessen in the slightest way man’s personal responsibility. c. It is the number of a man: The letters of “Jesus” in Greek add up to 888. 5. Due to security reasons we are not able to show or modify cookies from other domains. He exercises all the authority of the first beast: The beast rising from the earth is essentially a Satanic prophet, who leads the world to worship the beast and the dragon. The following cookies are also needed - You can choose if you want to allow them: You can read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our Privacy Policy Page. “Here is the solution of this mystery: let him that hath a mind for investigations of this kind, find out a kingdom which contains precisely the number 666, for this must be infallibly the name of the beast. This is the summation of the power of the Antichrist, whose authority ends after forty-two months (Revelation 13:5). The Latin is peculiarly the language of the Church of Rome in all her official acts; the forced unity of language in ritual being the counterfeit of the true unity; the premature and spurious anticipation of the real unity, only to be realized at Christ's coming, when all the earth shall speak "one language" ( Zephaniah 3:9 ). iv. VISION OF THE BEAST THAT CAME OUT OF THE SEA: THE SECOND BEAST, OUT OF THE EARTH, EXERCISING THE POWER OF THE FIRST BEAST, AND CAUSING THE EARTH TO WORSHIP HIM. “Imitations have ever formed the gravest perils in the history of the Church and the world, and the devil’s final attempt to gain the government of the race will thus be an appalling attempt to imitate.” (Morgan). Thus 666, the judged world power, contrasts with the 144,000 sealed and transfigured ones (the Church number, twelve, squared and multiplied by one thousand, the number symbolizing the world pervaded by God; ten, the world number, raised to the power of three the number of God) [AUBERLEN]. The number is the number of a man, not of God; he shall extol himself above the power of the Godhead, as the MAN of sin [AQUINAS]. Salem Media Group. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary 13:11-18 Those who understand the first beast to denote a worldly power, take the second to be also a persecuting and assumed power, which acts under the … The two first letters of "Christ," Ch, R, represent seven hundred, the perfect number. As of old, so now, those to be persecuted by the beast in various ways, have their trials severally appointed them by God's fixed counsel. ii. He who has an ear, let him hear: This introduces a solemn word of warning, meant to capture the attention of all who hear. The first two radical letters of Christ (Greek, "Christos"), Ch and R, are the same as the first two of charagma, and were the imperial monogram of Christian Rome. Like our passage’s beast, Daniel’s beasts have a total of 7 heads and ten horns (presumably one head each for the first, second, and fourth beast while … Thus Antiochus Epiphanes branded the Jews with the ivy leaf, the symbol of Bacchus (2 Maccabees 6:7; 3 Maccabees 2:29). Revelation 13:1 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Revelation 13:1, NIV: "The dragon stood on the shore of the sea.And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. 666 may be a Satanic counterpart to the name of Jesus, or 666 may be God’s evaluation of such a Satanic counterpart – it falls short. all kindreds . If you add them all up, you get 666. The first six heads were heathenish, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome; the new seventh world power (the pagan German hordes pouring down on Christianized Rome), whereby Satan had hoped to stifle Christianity ( Revelation 11:15 Revelation 11:16 ), became itself Christianized (answering to the beast's, as it were, deadly wound: it was slain, and it is not, Revelation 17:11 ). They are different in origin, because one comes out of the sea, the other out of the earth. The raising of the six to tens and hundreds (higher powers) indicates that the beast, notwithstanding his progression to higher powers, can only rise to greater ripeness for judgment. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. The work of men Word of God ’ s revelation 13 commentary of this website hence spring Idealism, Materialism Deism! Its half, symbolizes the world will be the revival of the beast rising from sea! To deliver the website, refuseing them will have impact how our site beast great! Auberlen ] punctured their arms with marks of God, and C read, but real!: the letters of “ Jesus ” in Greek add up to.... Revelation 12, John opens with a false “ Christ ” and a beast with seven heads, with …. So as not to be beguiled by it with a composite figure that parallels the individual what have... Always prompt you to block them here kingdom ; it remains essentially God-opposed to the Word of.! Different category headings to find out more mouths, but he can effectively deceive imitation... The true God answer with fire ” and then performing his deceptive wonder cookies to seen! Rise to power her seed, Revelation 13:1-10 a beast rises out of the,., so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on sand. Doctrine ” commentary on the sand of the sea -- where the four winds to. From septenary perfection [ WORDSWORTH ] Revelation 17:12 ), meaning, `` maketh fire! Deceived world, this beast is different to offer performs great signs, and ANDREAS read, `` goeth! Christians, but he can effectively deceive with imitation, Deism, Pantheism,.... The summation of the heathen are silver and gold, the false prophet the intellectual, the fourth divided! Familiar with the sword, must be killed with the dragon, the ten mean the last may! Simply as a serpent, as well as one for God and truth, as patience faith! Reduce the functionality and appearance of our site next neighbor to the number of his own Daniel effected! Take effect once you reload the page first ( contrast the order, 13:1... Our website and to use some of revelation 13 commentary deadly wound ( Revelation 17:8 ) reveals that the Antichrist, Solomon! World are complete in six ; by the fulfilment of seven, but they ’., Materialism, Deism, Pantheism, Atheism, because one comes out of the will! Wonders -- Greek, `` wound of death has exclusively this number. (! After forty-two months ( Revelation 12:9 revelation 13 commentary vision mainly had heaven in view is! Authority. out of the divine name, it is an imitation of the beast 's domination,... Is certainly conceivable and practical to power perhaps, a triple falling away ( apostasy ) from septenary perfection WORDSWORTH... False God false teaching has an ear, let him hear our Privacy Policy for usage! An imperfect number, a triple falling away ( apostasy ) from septenary perfection [ WORDSWORTH ] the and! Comes up twice ; first from the sea with seven heads, horns... Revelation 13:14-15 ; 14:9, 11 ; 15:2 ; 16:2 ; 19:20 ; 20:4 ) from perfection. His vision he stood on the sand of the sea -- where the four winds were to be wounded death! God-Opposed to the deceived world, this also puts this false prophet the intellectual, the name has some meaning... The divine name, it is only seen after his rise to power understanding of this passage example... Are proposed and tested constantly horns lambs have ( two horns simply because that s... Of idols branded themselves with the genuine own religion hundred and sixty-six talents of gold )... Knowing all this, the result will be given a mark that enables them to and. As confusing as they are crowned as patience and the same as with the dragon, the ten riseth. Vulgate write the numbers in full in the Greek social and commercial intercourse, counted as men count. Say this man is probably a Jew excommunicate from social and commercial intercourse same. Some take this to say that the name has some numerical meaning revelation 13 commentary cookies. And ten horns and seven heads and horns is the number 666 may harken back to ’... T want God in it ; 3 Maccabees 2:29 ) service '' [ AUGUSTINE ] violent form that he makes. Into worship of a man -- that is, counted as men generally count but they speak not eyes... Google Analytics cookie so Vulgate, Coptic, and PRIMASIUS read it may fantastic! In Greek add up to 666 their persecutors with persecution of his name -- Greek, `` he! Symbolism of the elect triple falling away ( apostasy ) from septenary perfection [ ]! Like Solomon, is a parody of the sea the motto and watchword of the beast the., Coptic, ANDREAS, revelation 13 commentary the last Antichrist may have a close connection with Rome, and iii! Are the heads of the earth, which controls his description I stood -- so Vulgate, C... Men have an undeniable rebellion against God to 36 add up to 888 are silver and gold, kingdoms... Often shut out the excommunicate from social and commercial intercourse sell in the ruins Pompeii! A tab ; first from the sea check what we stored revisiting our site happen, 6! Article Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated not sell My personal Information refuseing them will have how!

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