Finally, researchers have found that an oral dose of Greek mountain tea can lead to less inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, likely due to the presence of phenols and antioxidants found naturally in … Generations of Greeks have long … Also knowns as Sideritis syriaca, and its health benefits are way above all other herbal teas. While the studies helped support the use of Sideritis for its heart health benefits, further research is needed before Greek mountain tea can be considered a treatment for cardiovascular conditions. We don't just talk antioxidants and polyphenols! According to a May 2018 article published by Pain Research and Management, plants in the Lamiaceae family (which includes the Sideritis genus) are widely used for medicinal purposes in areas of the world — more commonly outside the United States. Greek mountain tea comes from the family of herbs "Sideretis" which is primarily from the Mediterranean region. Look for it in Greek delis, stores with a good herbal tea supply, or online. Parnassos 16oz LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER, Ikaria Honey - Thyme (16oz) LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER. These plants are harvested in the Mediterranean. No additives, no fruity flavoring bits - nothing filling in between you and a pure Related products. “Greek Mountain Tea,” or sideritis, which has been used since ancient times as medicine, a refreshment, and a memory and energy booster, is one of Greece’s most recognizable and popular herbs. A function of a unique growing environment. This does not mean that it does not grow in other countries particularly in the Balkan peninsula. Greek mountain tea (Sideritis) health benefits Even in ancient times, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, the forefather of modern medicine, lauded Sideritis for its benefit to the immune and respiratory systems. We selected this tea due to the organic farming methods used to grow and harvest it after meeting with the producer and comparing his tea to others that were available. Our current plan is the distribution of our product to the Greek and foreign market and, of course, the establishment of a relationship of trust between us and our clients. Researchers in the bioanalytical … elevation and sunshine - combined with centuries of adapting plant genetics. Mild and smooth without any bitterness, it's caffeine-free and packed with high concentrations of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. The processed food revolution was all about convenience - unfortunately fooling people into believing that caloric satiety was the same as nutrition. Greek mountain tea has been used for centuries as a cure for colds, flus, viruses, digestive conditions and anxiety. Linden Flowers / Tilio. For dried tea leaves or tea bags, add about 2 tablespoons, or a third of a tea bag, into a teapot and fill with boiling water, letting it steep for five to 10 minutes. → And for thousands of … Quantity. Our selection comes from a beautiful organic farm in Grevena. Home / Gift Shop / Gifts / Greek Mountain Tea. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. , After 50 days of treatment with Greek mountain tea extract, (Sideritis scardica), the plaque deposits, typical for Alzheimer's in the mouse brain, have decreased by 80 percent. When brewed strong, it carries Sideritis flavours with added depth on the palate. Additionally, mountain tea extracts lowers blood pressure levels while helping blood vessels to relax. Greek mountain tea has been used for centuries and is the most popular Greek herb available. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. And our teas are loaded with them. Greek Mountain Tea or τσαϊ του βουνού, is a fantastic tea that comes from high up in the mountains throughout Greece. And we think it tastes a whole lot better!In this…, Oh how often we trade quality for convenience. Brand Sparta Natura 4.9 … Greek Mountain Tea $ 8.00. German research on Greek mountain tea, also known as ironwort (sideritis) and Tsai tou Vounou, strongly indicated that it can prevent or even reverse Alzheimer’s disease: “By drinking mountain tea for six months, patients with Alzheimer disease reduced the disease to the level it was nine months ago and then it stabilised.” Greek mountain tea also lends itself to a delightful iced beverage. same way ancient Greeks did two thousand years ago! Mountain Tea flourishes on rocky slopes over 1.000 meters of altitude, with many Greek mountains being home to little known, local varietals. 5 out of 5 stars (1,429) 1,429 … In Greek, ‘sideritis’ means ‘iron’ and it is said that the name was given after the healing effect of the plant on the wounds caused by iron … This Mountain Tea was grown on the slo Mild, smooth and deliciously appealing, this Greek Mountain Tea is slightly earthy, with just a hint of citrus and mint. Eskil, this tea is known as Greek Mountain Tea because of the historical records for more than 2,500 years. They protect us from the damaging (disease causing) effects of At the same time, the Greek mountain tea is not only used in the number one widespread disease, Alzheimer's. Greek mountain tea is a herbal tea that claims a plethora of health benefits, from boosting the immune system to fighting off chronic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and more. Read more: 6 Teas to Stock Up On and Their Health Benefits. Instead of individual tea bags, Klio’s Greek Mountain Tea comes in a big bag and looks like something you might gather from the side of a hiking path. Copyright © Once the sorted tea has been bundled, it is hung in special drying sheds. 6 Teas to Stock Up On and Their Health Benefits, Planta Medica: "Anti-inflammatory, Gastroprotective, and Cytotoxic Effects of Sideritis Scardica Extracts", Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology: "Hypotensive, Vasorelaxant and Cardiodepressant Activities of the Ethanol Extract of Sideritis", Pain Research and Management: "Medicinal Plants of the Family Lamiaceae in Pain Therapy: A Review", PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. The Health Benefits of Greek Mountain Tea … Since the beta-amyloids in the brain also fulfil important functions, the Greek mountain tea offers a … This tea contains antioxidants and flavonoids, and might even help reduce pain. Categories: Gift Shop, Gifts. Its healing powers were discovered thousands of years ago, and the ancient … Privacy Policy Greek mountain tea, the ironwart or shepherd's tea, is made from the flowers of Sideritis plant. The different phenolic pattern of the extracts suggests that the protective activity is not limited to catechins ( 2 ). Greek mountain tea is an herbal tea that has many potential health benefits. These plants have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-spasmodic properties. It is known as Mountain tea, Ironwort, Shepard’s tea, and is usually named after the mountain in which it is distributed: “Pirin tea,” “Mursalski tea,” or “Alibotushkitea” in Bulgaria; “Sharplaninsi chaj” in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM);or “Greek Mountain tea” and “Olympus tea… Lana Billings-Smith has been writing professionally since 1997. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the → Hippocrates, father of a great philosopher and modern medicine, praised greek mountain tea for its positive effects on immunity and respiratory system. Also known as Sideritis or Ironwort, this ancient herb is used as a therapeutic and beneficial tea with many health benefits. Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Fill in your email below to request a new password. That’s how we became a nation of the well-fed b…, Greek Lemon Verbena (Karditsia,South Pindos Mountains), Wild Greek Chamomile Tea (Volvi Lake, Halkidiki), Greek Sage Tea (Thesprotia,West Pindos Mountains), Ikaria Honey Pine/Wild Flower (16oz) LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER, Greek Fir Honey - Sparta, Mt. Instead of individual tea bags, Klio’s Greek Mountain Tea comes in a big bag and looks like something you might gather from the side of a hiking path. Traditionally, Greek mountain tea was used to improve psychological balance, to increase mental strength and to prevent age-related problems. Numbering in the thousands, they go by intriguing names like flavonoids, terpenoids, and carotenoids. And rather than simply steeping in hot water, you actually boil Greek Mountain Tea … Greek Mountain Tea is also called Sideritis spp. Researchers found that taking an oral dose of Greek mountain tea led to less inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, likely due to the presence of phenols and antioxidants found naturally in the plant. Greek mountain tea has a unique scent and flavor, with a naturally sweet finish and light undertones of lemon. Greek Mountain Tea To Ward Against Alzheimer’s Disease Luckily, nature has provided us with a way out: Greek Mountain Tea. I was joined by a crew from one of the major US television networks . Putting aside Greek tradition, Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis) has been scientifically shown to contain high levels of antioxidants and compounds that have proven anti-inflammatory gastroprotective activities … Certified Organic (GR-BIO-08) Our Greek Mountain Tea is organically (certified) grown in the Taygetos Mountain Range near the village of Arna. A certified personal trainer, she holds a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in leisure sciences and a minor in therapeutic recreation. Dec 14th 2016 A study published in the Society of Chemical Industry found Greek mountain tea as potent as the highly revered Green tea at inducing cellular antioxidant defenses and reducing oxidative stress. Greek mountain tea helps with digestive health and contains natural … A large tea pitcher works best for the iced preparation. Greek mountain tea is made from freshly harvested herbs in the Mediterranean. Eskil, this tea is known as Greek Mountain Tea because of the historical records for more than 2,500 years. I spent time with the family who produces our honey. The perfect confluence of climate, soils, geology, Drink Mountain Tea for its health benefits, for sleepy time, ice tea, high tea, as an herbal tea. What is Mountain Tea Mountain tea, also called ironwart or shepherd’s tea, is … It is also referred to as Sideritis syriaca, and its health benefits are plentiful. It has been grown and cultivated according to the very strict “Bio” (Organic) standards of Greece and the European Union. For centuries, inhabitants of Greece have been drinking a tea made from the flowers and stalks of a plant that grows in the mountains, and sometimes called Mountain Tea. There are more than 150 species of plants in the Sideritis genus. They are abundant in Mediterranean regions, the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula and Macaronesia, but can also be found in Central Europe and temperate Asia. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Antioxidant activity equal to green tea. Sideritis perfoliata from Domokos A species of Sideritis known for its powerful aroma and intense flavour. She has been published in the "Montreal Gazette" and the "National Post." The combinations are practically endless because the sage-like tea … An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Sideritis also known as ironwort, mountain tea and shepherd's tea, is a genus of flowering plants well known for their use as herbal medicine, commonly as an herbal tea.They are abundant in Mediterranean regions, the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula and Macaronesia, but … About Us. Hippocrates wrote highly of the hot beverage made with this herb that grows in the mountains of Greece. Add honey for a sweet tea, perfect as a weight loss tea. Greek Mountain Tea Antioxidants As Potent As Those In Green Tea! It is available as dried loose tea or in tea bags in health food stores and some grocery stores. Its earliest mention is found in Dioscorides’ book and it has been used since ancient times for multiple purposes. The most common English name other than Mountain Tea is Shepherd's Tea because Greek shepherds use the plants to make a brewed tea while tending their flocks high in the hills. The plant has tiny pale yellow flowers, light green buds and silvery leaves and even after the plant is dried the colors remain so lively and stunning. Green tea vs. Greek mountain tea Although sideritis extracts had a lower phenolic concentration and total antioxidant capacity than green tea extract, their cellular antioxidant effects were similar.

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